Turkey is the only country in the region that has built an advanced automotive industry. Thus, the automotive supply industry bears a strategic significance both for Turkey and the firms that will invest in Turkey.

The automotive supply industry has reached a very advanced technological level in part thanks to the export tools that is started to be produced in our country. The rate at which the industry develops has reached such a level that it can manufacture products for the OEM firms that operates in developed European countries.

Another indication of this advanced technological level is that 69 percent of the industry’s export operations are conducted for the EU countries. Thirty percent of the firms operating in the automotive supply industry owns the quality certificates (ISO 9000, QS 9000, and ISO 14000 etc.) that is accepted in international markets.

The technological investments in the automotive supply industry are continuing. With this level of advancement, the industry constitutes the foundation of technological development. The firms in the automotive supply industry greatly invest in technology, human resources, information and quality training due to their increasing responsibilities in project design and development in parallel to the licenses they received.

The export volume of automotive supply industry increases in parallel with the number of potential foreign markets that has surpassed 150. This is an important indication of the technology level and competitive edge that the automotive supply industry has.

In 2015, the automotive main and supply industry made up nearly 15 percent of the total export volume. In the same year, the automotive industry was at the top of the industry ranking. The share of the automotive main and supply industry in the total manufacturing industry is about five percent. Total of 250,000 people are employed with 50,000 working in the automotive main industry and 200,000 of them in the automotive supply industry. This number increases to 400,000 with the employees working in the distribution, marketing, and sales units included.

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