Export Consultancy

All the enterprises engage in export activities to increase the efficiency and harness the idle production capacity. In addition, such activities allow them to temper the effects of economic fluctuations in the domestic markets and thus minimize the market risk. To help them succeed in their efforts, we always support SMEs in different fields with our export consultancy services.

For those enterprises that aim to export their products or facilitate their export activities in a more systematic way, we gladly offer our services as follows:

  • Setting export targets
  • Drawing up a plan to reach these targets
  • Carrying out the plan and monitoring the process regularly
  • Conducting a comprehensive market research to determine the target markets
  • Analyzing the import-export data regarding the product
  • A detailed evaluation of the demand and competition in the international markets
  • Using statistical data to identify the target market and presenting the research with a presentation or a report.
  • Spotting potential buyers in the identified target markets
  • Creating customer lists based on the potential buyers
  • Submitting the potential buyers to the approval of the company
  • Importing the list of approved companies to preferred CRM software
  • Preparing an introductory presentation for the company
  • Contacting the potential buyers both verbally and in writing
  • Communicating the offers made by the company to the potential buyers and giving information about the company, its products and key strengths.
  • Importing all the talks between parties to the CRM software and enabling the company to control the data.
  • Organizing visits to abroad to hold talks with the potential buyers that show interest in the offers
  • Monitoring the offers made to the potential buyers and preparing a report through CRM software
  • Selling the products
  • Helping the company take necessary measures to minimize the risks that can arise during the collection of payments
  • INCOTERMS support during the delivery operations of products
  • Providing support for the logistical operations of products
  • Preparing the drafts of shipping documents in a way that allows them to be used in the next shipping as well


  • Establishing an active administrative system for the foreign trade operations of the company
  • Helping company conduct its export activities on its own even after they stop getting consultancy services
  • Creating a system that is easy for new team members to adapt when the company wants to organize a team of foreign trade
  • Building an inner control mechanism that allows company managers to track the performances of export sales specialists.
  • Preparing a comprehensive report about the products sold by the company that incorporates data about the international markets and training company personnel in a way that they can prepare a new report on their own when required
  • Determining target markets based on statistical data, rather than rumors.
  • Creating a customer database that is ready for the use and teaching company how to add new companies to the pool by finding new customer
  • Establishing an active CRM system to manage customer relations
  • Allowing company managers to easily follow the activities of their employees through CRM software such as calling customers, making offers and tracking the offers made by the company
  • Finding new customers and sales opportunities
  • Building a CRM system that enables company to keep all the data in case a company employee quits

Introducing the company, its products and offers to the other companies in the industry