Today, where the importance of natural diet gradually increases, plants became a major raw material for many international industries. After the harmful effects of medicine with synthetic and chemical content and the carcinogenic effects of chemicals were found out, people started consuming natural foods and there has been an increase in the use of medical and aromatic plants. Today, these plants are widely used in many industries, creating large markets across the world.

Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey has a rich vegetation, that involves lots of plant species with aromatic and medical features. They are known to be used since antiquity as a raw material for spices and medicines. These plants were first used in Egypt, Iran, China, and India. As turkey have traded these plants for quite a long time, there are some major efforts to produce these plants in the fields using plant tissue culture, not just through natural methods. This method increases the production volume of Turkey and boosts the momentum of domestic consumption and export sales.

Medical and aromatic plants have been used in many industries such as alternative medicine, manufacturing, and cosmetics. There has been an increase in the demand for medicinal plants due to the hazardous effect of synthetic and chemical medicines on human health. Turkey, thanks to its geographical location, is a gene center for many plants and has a high level of genetic diversity in endemic plants. It’s also one of the most leading countries in medicinal plant trade.

Between 2012 and 2016, Turkey’s export volume of medicinal plants rose to $158 million from $100 million with an increase rate of 58 percent. The most exported medicinal plants in Turkey include thyme, bay leaf, cumin, and aniseed. Turkey exports medicinal and aromatic plants to approximately 100 countries across the world. Our country ranks the first in the world thyme trade. The thyme of İzmir (Origanum onites L.) has the biggest share among all the thyme varieties. Turkey is the leading country in bay leaf export and meet 90 percent of the world’s thyme need.

NOVO Trade is based in İzmir, a city that is considered the heart of medicinal aromatic plant trade and export in Turkey. We bring together the international buyers and quality and competent suppliers from turkey using our proximity to the market and our network that we expanded through our training and consulting activities.