Training Objective: 

This training aims to improve participant’s operational capabilities to determine most valuable target market with high potential for their products and generating sales leads in subject markets. 
Training is planned as a workshop and all participants will bring their laptops together. Participants will work under guidance of lecturer to find potential customers in export markets for their own products. 

In this workshop participant will learn to find; 

  1. Top importer markets of their products in the world
  2. Where their country is exporting this products?
  3. What is the competitional situation in the global market and specific target markets?
  4. Which markets can be profitable and suitable targets?
  5. Potential buyers in the target market.

Target Audience:

Export sales responsibles, export marketing responsibles, managers with export responsibility and entrepreneurs of the companies.


2 Days ( 09.30 / 16.30 )


  1. Techniques to use by market research
  2. Which are the most valuable sources for market research?
  3. Which web sources can be used for market research?
  4. How to reach import / export statistics of your products?
  5. Trend analysis practise for targeting
  6. What is the import market share of our country and competitor countries in target markets?
  7. Statistical data interpretation for market research
  8. Reaching economic, demografic, logistic and cultural data
  9. Competition analysis by web sources
  10. Tips to determine target markets with high potential for your products
  11. Comperative analysis of potential target markets
  12. Using business directories to find prospect buyers
  13. Using Chamber and Commerce and Industry sources
  14. Reaching real importers by using import declaration or bill of lading record
  15. Using trade registers records
  16. Reaching international tender records
  17. Goverment sources and other official sources
  18. Using e-marketplaces 
  19. Exhibitions of target sectors and their exhibitor lists