Training Objective: 

Delivery Terms are the guideline for exporters and importers to specify the way to share costs, risks and responsibilities  in international delivery process of the goods. Without having knowledge about INCOTERMS it would not possible to speak common  language with the customer or supplier. This training aims to teach the participants one of the basic rules of foreign trade by logistic operation case studies.

Target Audience:

Logistics, transportation, storage, distribution, export sales, import purchasing responsibles of the companies. 


1 day (09.30 – 16.30)


Delivery Terms 

  1. INCOTERMS 2010 rules
  2. How to share risks and costs in accordance  with INCOTERMS 2010
  3. Preparing export quotations in accordance with INCOTERMS 2010
  4. Performing logistic operation according to INCOTERMS 2010
  5. Case Study: FOB Operation in 20 steps
  6. Classwork: Identifying DAP Operation steps

Logistic Operation in Foreign Trade

  1. What is the difference between liner,shipping  agency and freight forwarder?
  2. Asking for freight quotations
  3. Export freight offer and analysis of local charges
  4. Import freight offer and analysis of local charges
  5. Transportation contracts
  6. Liabilities of transportation companies
  7. Transportation documents (Bill of lading, CMR, AWB, CIM 1)
  8. Case Study: Izmir Port operation images
  9. Case Study: Overseas port operation videos

Transportation Management and Insurance

  1. Comparing transportation modes 
  2. Tansportation accident videos “ What can happen?”
  3. Types of risks and related insurance covers
  4. Damage process of insurance companies
  5. Transportation insurance
  6. C clause insurance policies
  7. A clause insurance policies
  8. Total loss insurance policies
  9. Case Study: A real container damage case