Training Objective:

Founding purpose of the companies is improving goods or services to satisfy customers demand, selling them and making profit in this way. Although some other activities of the businesses became important in the time, sales always has the most important place in the business because it is a unique step to reach profit.

People's self-improvement in marketing and personal sales actually have key prescriptions in terms of their ability to capture success in their own business or in the companies they work for.

Training content is developed and supported with updated case studies to lead the audience by sales process including; reaching prospects, getting closer, sales presentations, handling objections and closing the sales.

This training aims to support the audience to achieve success by key activity of the business life.

Target Audience:

Sales, marketing, customer relationship and sales support responsibles


2 Days ( 09.30 / 16.30 )


Marketing Management

  1. Strategic marketing management
  2. Choosing target market or market segment
  3. Developing goods or services
  4. Pricing strategies
  5. Logistic planing
  6. Promotion activities
  7. Relation of sales and marketing

Personal Sales Process

  1. Determining prospects
  2. Case Study: Choosing prospects profile
  3. Prospect listing
  4. Grouping the prospects
  5. Preparations before getting closer
  6. How to get closer
  7. Sales presentation
  8. Tips for presentation
  9. Creating values for the customer by offer
  10. Case Study: Come up with possible savings and profits
  11. Case Study: Warning the client against risks and loss
  12. Case Study: Minimizing or trivialise the prices

Handling Sales Objections

  1. Common objection types
  2. Product objections and overcoming
  3. Company objections and overcoming
  4. Timing objections and overcoming
  5. Sales person objections and overcoming
  6. Price objections and overcoming
  7. Effect of successful pricing
  8. Acknowledge the facts about pricing
  9. Case Study: Handling with price objections

Building Trust in Sales

  1. What is trust?
  2. Self confidence
  3. Building trust with the customer
  4. Ways to improve self confidence
  5. Ways to improve customer trust

Practical Sales Applications

  1. Sales time management
  2. Persuasive skills of sales
  3. Negotiations in sales process
  4. Case Study: Elevetor speech
  5. Usefull statistics for sales persons