Wastewater treatment is an ever-growing industry in Turkey. The local market has been growing more and more each year. The number of municipality facilities for wastewater treatment in Turkey increased from 41 in 1994 to 604 in 2014. Similarly, the number of industrial wastewater treatment facilities rose to 2096 in 2014 from 629 in 2000.

Having taken part in the building, operation and equipment manufacturing of these facilities, the Turkish companies gained valuable experience. Today, Turkish suppliers have gained reference through the significant projects performed in Turkey and abroad.

Novo Consultancy connects WWTP contactors and equipment suppliers who are looking for affordable solutions for their projects with reliable and competent the Turkish suppliers with international recognition.

NOVO Consultancy is a one-stop service provider for project design and construction of wastewater treatment facilities, production of the mechanic equipment and other necessary instruments.